Guide to Bigg Boss 7 Vote: Everything You Need to Know

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular reality TV shows in India, known for its drama, controversies, and entertainment. With every season, viewers eagerly wait to see their favorite contestants battle it out in the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss 7 was no exception, with contestants like Gauahar Khan, Tanishaa Mukerji, Kushal Tandon, and Armaan Kohli stealing the spotlight. As a viewer, you have the power to vote for your favorite contestant and ensure their stay in the Bigg Boss house. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about Bigg Boss 7 voting.

How to Vote?

Voting for your favorite Bigg Boss 7 contestant is a simple process. Here are the various methods through which you can cast your vote:

1. Voting through the Voot App:

  • Download the Voot app on your smartphone.
  • Sign in or create an account.
  • Navigate to the Bigg Boss 7 voting section.
  • Select the contestant you want to vote for and submit your vote.

2. Voting through the Voot Website:

  • Visit the Voot website on your desktop or mobile browser.
  • Log in or sign up for an account.
  • Go to the Bigg Boss 7 voting page.
  • Choose your favorite contestant and cast your vote.

3. Voting through SMS:

  • Each contestant is assigned a unique code.
  • Type the code of your favorite contestant.
  • Send the SMS to the designated number provided by Bigg Boss.

Voting Rules and Guidelines:

Before you start voting for your favorite contestant, it’s essential to understand the rules and guidelines set by Bigg Boss. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  • Voting Times: The voting lines are open for a specific period. Make sure to cast your vote within the stipulated time frame.
  • One Vote per User: Each user is allowed to cast only one vote per episode. Multiple votes from the same user will not be considered.
  • Valid Votes: Ensure that you follow the correct voting procedure to ensure that your vote is valid and counted.

Tips for Effective Voting:

  • Stay Updated: Keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the Bigg Boss house to make an informed decision while voting.
  • Strategic Voting: If you want to save a particular contestant or nominate someone for eviction, plan your votes strategically.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How many times can I vote in a day?

  • You can cast one vote per episode through any of the available voting methods.

2. Can I change my vote after submitting it?

  • Once you have submitted your vote, it cannot be changed. Make sure to vote carefully.

3. How are the votes counted?

  • The votes from all platforms are collected and tallied to determine the contestant with the highest number of votes.

4. Is there a cost associated with voting through SMS?

  • Standard SMS charges may apply depending on your mobile service provider.

5. Can international viewers participate in Bigg Boss voting?

  • The voting process is typically open to viewers residing in India. International viewers may not be able to participate in the voting.

6. How can I track the voting results?

  • The voting results are usually announced during the weekend episodes of Bigg Boss.

7. Is voting the only factor in determining eliminations?

  • While viewer votes play a significant role, the final decision on eliminations is a combination of audience votes and internal considerations by the show’s organizers.

8. Can I vote for more than one contestant in a single episode?

  • No, each user is allowed to vote for only one contestant per episode.

9. What should I do if I encounter issues while voting?

  • If you face any difficulties while voting, you can reach out to the official Bigg Boss helpline or customer support for assistance.

10. Can I vote for a contestant who has already been eliminated?

  • No, once a contestant is eliminated from the show, their voting lines are typically closed.

As a viewer, your vote has the power to influence the course of the game and keep your favorite contestant in the Bigg Boss house. So, make sure to cast your vote responsibly and stay tuned to see who emerges as the ultimate winner of Bigg Boss 7!