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kindergarten writing tablets

I have a great tip for a kindergarten writing tablet. The answer is simple: use the best quality kids writing tablets for preschoolers. It can be costly to replace a child’s favorite writing tablet with a cheap one. So, be smart and buy the best one. The best writing-tablets I’ve seen have an edge of…

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tension writing

I use the term tension writing in a very general sense. Writing about a particular issue is a tension. It can be hard to write about when the topic is so hard to define, but it’s also hard to write about when the topic is that complex. Tension writing can help, but it’s not easy…

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cursive writing r

This is a guest post by author and blogger, Christina Gioia. Christina has just been published with the University of Georgia Graduate School of Education’s Creative Writing Program. She has a degree in English with specialization in Creative Writing and Creative Writing Therapy. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing and Creative Writing…

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