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cursive writing r

This is a guest post by author and blogger, Christina Gioia. Christina has just been published with the University of Georgia Graduate School of Education’s Creative Writing Program. She has a degree in English with specialization in Creative Writing and Creative Writing Therapy. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing and Creative Writing…

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writing notes meme

If you are someone who enjoys the process of writing notes, here is a way you can make notes. Write the note on the back of a napkin, or on the back of a note card, or anywhere else. Add a few lines of note-taking information and you have a nice note to take to…

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numbers in legal writing

In legal writing, we’re presented with numbers, or numbers of the same type, that we’re trying to figure out and determine something. To me, this is a concept of “what’s the number?”, or “how many?”, or “how many of this?” It’s a process of taking a number and then trying to figure out what it…

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