101 Unusual Uses of Female Star Wars Names

This is a list of the first 101 female Star Wars names, including Rey and Padme. Examples are provided for most entries.

Rey: Your cat was in your room again last night so you decided to name her after an enigmatic scavenger who lives on Jakku and pilfers ships for scrap metal pieces

Padmé: You want a name that sounds regal but also has good nickname potential because it’s not like people will be calling your kid “Queen” anytime soon

Dar’Nala: Who knew there were so many ways to use this Mandalorian extremist? Here they all are!

Sana Solo: This famous woman from Corellia had three kids with a smuggler named Han Solo.

Kaminoan: This race of beings from Kamino helped create the Grand Army of the Republic and are known for their tall tower in Tipoca City

Niai Farr: This name is one that we’ve seen before on our list, but it’s still a good substitute when you’re looking to use an exotic sounding word with no real meaning or backstory attached. Plus, it can be shortened to Nai which sounds like “nice”

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